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Uber carries a rideshare insurance policy that gives you grounds to pursue a claim in the event you sustain an injury while on an Uber ride. Considering the expansive reach and popularity of apps such as Uber, Lyft, and a slew of other rideshare services, almost everybody has used one or more of these services to get around Macon at one moment. Nevertheless, most Uber drivers don’t possess the aptitude and skills to do this sort of job, as it requires a certain level of defensive driving and coordination to drive on our Macon roads.

Regardless of whether you were hit as a pedestrian or were inside the car at the time of the crash, rideshare companies are held liable. They are mandated to provide coverage to cater for damages suffered by anybody injured by their on-duty drivers. Have you suffered an injury at the hands of an Uber driver? You have grounds to seek compensation.

However, rideshare providers and their insurance carriers will fight hard to decline your claim. Don’t give in to their tactics! It’s not right for you to bear the brunt of medical costs and other damages following an Uber accident. Safeguard your financial future and legal interests by consulting with our Uber accident attorneys at Rafi Law firm today for a FREE consultation and case review, or fill out our online form!

When does Uber offer insurance to cover accidents?

Uber centers their insurance policy on specific periods the driver is operating the vehicle. Essentially, whenever the driver is on the clock, they are covered by the policy. The coverage amount is contingent on whether they are sitting idle, driving to pick up a customer, or driving the passenger. The period when the driver is not using the app to drive is referred to as ‘Period 0’. During this time, the driver’s personal policy kicks in because they are using it for personal reasons. ‘Period 1’ starts when the Uber app is on but has not yet gotten a request. Although Uber’s insurance is active under such circumstances, they provide liability cover for other passengers or vehicles. Essentially, your car has no coverage that comprehensive and collision coverages would offer. ‘Period 2’ occurs when the rideshare driver has gotten a request and is on the way to do a pickup. Here, Uber’s insurance policy is in effect. ‘Period 3’ occurs when the passenger(s) are already in the car and are en route to their destination. In this case, Uber’s insurance policy is in effect.

Does Uber have a $1M insurance policy for accidents in Macon, Georgia?

Uber carries a 1 million dollar insurance policy categorized into three:

  • Not Available: This implies that the Uber driver is off the app and cannot accept pickup requests from prospective clients. If the Uber driver is involved in a crash while the app is still in the ‘not available’ phase, their insurance will kick in, not Uber’s policy.
  • No Passenger But Available: This often means that the Uber driver is not carrying a client at the time, but the app is on, and they can accept ride requests. Liability insurance offered by Uber will go for $50,000 for every injury that can reach up to $100,000, in addition to $100,000 to cater for property damage.
  • Available and Carrying Passenger: This is the category where Uber’s 1 million dollar policy comes into effect. Provided the Uber app is on and the Uber driver is transporting you to your destination. If they get involved in a crash, you qualify for Uber’s $1M insurance policy payout.

It’s important to note that even if you qualify for this payout, it doesn’t automatically mean Uber will play ball. In most cases, they reject the claim, which may transfer to the driver’s primary insurer, which may also deny payment. So, if you have been involved in an Uber accident, make sure to reach out to skilled Uber attorneys in Macon, Georgia, for help pursuing your claim.

Consult with Experienced Rideshare Injury Attorneys at Rafi Law Firm Today!

Rideshare drivers in Macon should keep in mind that although Uber’s insurance policy offers cover in all stages of the job the app is on or active, their primary auto insurer may have a problem if they don’t divulge that they are an Uber driver. Rideshare passengers in Macon deserve to be aware of the coverage amount taken up by the rideshare company in case of an accident.

If you or somebody close to you has been injured or killed in an Uber accident in Macon and want to know your legal options, please don’t hesitate to consult with seasoned accident lawyers at Rafi Law firm today. The skilled team of personal injury lawyers will review your case in a free consultation and discuss your compensation options. Call Now!


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