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Attorney for Single Car Accidents in Macon, GA

single car accident macon gaDon’t assume you’re out of legal options just because you were the only driver in the accident. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to sue for damages even though you were the only driver involved.

Manufacturer error, road obstructions, and unmarked hazards are all instances where the driver may be eligible for may be able to recover compensation from an at-fault party. For more information, call (478) 216-1664 to speak with a single car accident lawyer in Macon, GA.

What happens if the accident was my fault?

If the accident was your fault (for example, if you were texting and driving and hit a traffic barrier), you cannot sue for damages. Instead, you might be able to collect from your insurance company under collision coverage.

However, that’s a strong might. If you broke the law or acted negligently, you won’t be able to recover compensation.

Because it’s illegal to text and drive in Georgia, a driver who texts and crashes probably won’t receive money from their insurance company. In fact, they may be cited or even receive a jail sentence, especially if alcohol or controlled substances were involved.

Even if you suspect that you were at fault in the accident, it’s best to get a professional opinion from an experienced car accident lawyer.

Who May Be Responsible for Your Single Car Accident

If another party’s negligence caused your accident, you can sue them for damages even though you never hit each other. That might sound strange, but there are actually plenty of instances where victims of single car accidents can sue large corporations or entities for their injuries and property damage.

Below, we look at a few parties who could be held liable in a single car accident.

Vehicle Manufacturer

Manufacturers have a duty to design, produce, and sell safe vehicles. When a car company markets a new product, they are essentially placing their trust in the vehicle and asking consumers to do the same.

But if the manufacturer produces a vehicle with a design defect or manufacturing error, they can be held liable for damages that may occur in an accident caused by the defect or error.

Some of the most common defective car parts include:

  • steering systems
  • airbags
  • seat belts
  • fuel systems
  • accelerators
  • and engine cooling fan blades

If you believe your vehicle contained a defective part or manufacturing error at the time of your accident, it’s important to preserve as much evidence as you can. Don’t take your car to the repair shop until a full inspection has been made by the police and your attorney. You should take pictures of the damage done to your vehicle, and if possible, find older pictures that you took of your car previously so investigators can compare the damage. To learn more about how defective products could have played a role in your accident, visit our website or call us at (478) 216-1664.

Government Entity

Car accidents are stressful enough, but the situation can be even more taxing when a government entity is to blame. Government agencies across Georgia are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of public roads and highways.

When an individual or entire department fails to perform their duties correctly, they may cause a crash for which they can be held responsible if property damage or injuries occur.

It certainly isn’t easy to sue the government, but “not easy” doesn’t mean “impossible.” With the help of a dedicated and knowledgeable single car accident lawyer in Macon, GA, you will have a much stronger chance at recovering the compensation you need to move past your injuries and heal. Call our office today at (478) 216-1664 to schedule a consultation.

Construction Companies or Contractors

If you’ve ever driven through a construction zone, you already know how labyrinthine and complex the various detours, redirects, and lane changes can be. Any number of things can go wrong in a construction site to cause a single-vehicle accident – work areas that are improperly set up or inadequately lit; poorly marked zones that cause confusion as to which lane is which; bulky work vehicles that pull out in front of traffic that doesn’t have time to stop, and high-intensity lights directed into the eyes of oncoming drivers can all cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and collide with a stationary object or run off the road and crash.

In these situations, the construction company or contractor can be held liable for damages. To learn more about the unique complexities of construction zone single car accidents, call a Macon car accident lawyer now.

Statute of Limitations for Single-Vehicle Accidents

A winning case begins on time. In Georgia, the statute of limitations for lawsuits brought against private citizens is two years from the date of the accident (or the date that you discovered your injury).

However, to bring a lawsuit against a government entity, you must file within one year of the date of the accident or the date that you discovered your injury.

The statute of limitations, or “deadline” is important to follow, as you will not be able to bring a lawsuit against the at-fault party if you file too late. Even if you go to court and file the day after the one or two-year deadline, your case will likely be thrown out.

After being injured in an accident, the best way to protect your legal rights and financial interests is to hire a Macon car accident lawyer who’s familiar with all the relevant statutes, time constraints, and subtleties of the Georgia legal system.

How Our Single Car Accident Lawyer in Macon, GA Can Help

Unfortunately, many people assume that victims of single-vehicle car accidents are at fault. After all, theirs was the only vehicle involved in the crash, so how could someone else be responsible?

If you were in a single-vehicle accident, don’t assume you’re out of options. Depending on the facts of your case, you could receive maximum compensation that can help you pay your medical bills, lost income, and more.

Contact a single car accident attorney in Macon, GA now.


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