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Who pays for a flat tire on a rental car?

rental car flat tire

The vast majority of renters probably assume that they won’t be out-of-pocket for either fixing or replacing the tire. The hard truth is that it usually doesn’t work that way.

Macon car accident lawyer Mike Rafi has a lot of experience helping clients going through hassles like this. If you have any reason to believe that the rental agency has mistreated you in any way – whether the mistreatment involves who pays for a flat tire or anything else – talk to Mike and see what he can do for you. 

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Here’s a quick look into who typically pays when a rental car gets a flat tire.

You Pay If…

You don’t want to spend time pouring over your auto insurance policy while you’re getting ready for a trip. Unfortunately, if you’re going to rent a vehicle, you really should check it pretty closely. Does the policy cover a rental car? Great. You should be fine – even if a flat tire results in body damage. If it doesn’t, that’s not so great. There’s a good chance you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket. 

Insurance Pays If…

Again, there’s a good chance that your car insurance company will foot the bill for a flat tire and any possible body damage. This could, of course, happen if the tire blows out while you’re driving. The catch is you’ll need the right kind of insurance. You can’t just have liability – you’ll also need comprehensive coverage, which isn’t required in Georgia.

You might have a few other options besides your own policy. If you have a major credit card, it could provide some coverage for a rental car. The rental agency will also offer insurance for an additional price, it’s usually offered at the time you pick up the car. 

It’s important to note that neither your card’s coverage nor the rental agency’s insurance will pay for any injuries should an accident occur. 

AAA member? Take advantage of it!

Do you belong to AAA? That could be the perfect answer. AAA offers roadside assistance whether you’re driving a rental or your own car. It could at least save you the hassle of putting on the spare and praying that it will work as you try to find the nearest mechanic. 

There are different types of membership levels, but all of them offer a free tire change with an inflated spare. The more you pay, however, the more services you receive. For example, the Premier Membership also provides you with free fuel delivery, as well as free lockout services as long as they don’t exceed $150. It also provides a free tow of up to 200 miles, or three tows of100 miles each.

If you don’t have AAA, and have no intention to join, yet you’re still interested in purchasing roadside assistance, be careful. The rental agency might offer one, and it might sound worth buying, but it will very likely only pay for the act of removing the old tire and putting on the spare. You’ll be on the hook for all other charges. 

It gets even worse if the rental doesn’t even have a spare, which is common in rental cars. If you get stuck with a rental without one, you might have to pay for not only the repair or replacement of the original tire, you might also have to pay for towing. Insist on a rental car with a spare if possible. If it’s not, and you purchase roadside assistance from the rental agency, take a long, hard look at what the paperwork says regarding what you’ll have to pay. 

Our Attorney Can Help You Explore Other Options

We obviously hope you’re able to enjoy your trip, and that you don’t have any issues with your rental car. But if that proves not to be the case, and you think a rental car agency or anyone else is trying to take advantage of you, contact Macon car accident lawyer Mike Rafi right away. 

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